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Awards & Scholarships

Chapter Awards & Scholarships

Irvin Coin Scholarship

Each year, our member professionals have the opportunity to nominate one student per TRIO program for a $750 college scholarship.  The nominees compete for two awards which are announced at our annual Student Leadership Conference.

Professional Development Scholarship

In 2020, our chapter established a $750 Professional Development Scholarship for our members.  These funds are used to support training opportunities that help our members grow in their profession. Ultimately, we believe this investment in our members means higher-quality service to the students in our programs.

Irvin Coin Scholars
  • 2021 – Felix Ixtabalan
  • 2021 – Marisol Garcia
  • 2020 – Aaliyah Moore
  • 2020 – Autumn Re
Arizona Professional Development
Scholarship Recipients
  • 2021 – Helen Dow
  • 2021 – Sureka Wrublik